Friday, 13 July 2012


So after a few months of anticipation and planning (shopping, waxing, dieting, and anxiety)  the girls and I finally packed up and headed for Gatwick airport- before toasting with champagne at my house (obviously)

Everything was really smooth at the airport. It took us all of about 20 minutes to check we had time to sit and have breakfast, which was a lovely indulgent full English, before heading off to do a spot of shopping.

Ahhh, how I wish I was still out there, the sun, the cocktails, the beach, the sea, the PARTIES! 

The parties are absolutely amazing out there, I felt like I never want to go partying in London's just not the same. We were literally running on about 3-4 hours sleep a day so we could do everything. It was wake up, beach/pool, eat, get dolled up,hit the club, PARTY LIKE ROCKSTARS, sleep for a few hours, wake up and then do it all again.

We spent a lot of our time at the Bora Bora beach...

We tried to do as much as we could in the week that we there, but ultimately we left feeling deflated and it felt as if we had only experienced 1% of life in Ibiza, THERE IS JUST SO MUCH TO DO AND SEE.
But here is what we did end up doing...

Monday we sunbathed at the hotel pool (which was disappointingly full of families and kids) and then got dolled up and headed out to Amnesia to our VIP table for Lucy's bday

Tuesday we hung around the pool and recovered from the messy night before heading out to Space for CARL COX, what an amazing night!

Wedsnesday we went to Ushuaia  for the opening party for Swedish House Mafia. This for me was the BEST day/night EVER. Literally breathtaking!!! The atmosphere was absolutely crazy,imagine just partying outside by the pool with SHM right in front of us, playing hit after hit, it was a landmark moment.

 Thursday we went to Bora Bora beach, drank cocktails and did some serious tanning. We then got ready for the big night at Pacha (David Guetta) This was the night I was most hyped up for and also the most disappointing for me. It was so packed that we were stuck in the same spot for hours. I ended up leaving early because I just couldn't endure being pushed, shoved, stepped on for much longer :-( The club itself was beautiful.
Although it was disappointing, it did feel great to get into bed before 6am and still be relatively sober. Was quite proud of myself!

Friday - by this point it started getting depressing knowing we were running out of time and there was still so much to do and see in Ibiza. Felt like we had only done 1% in the time we'd spent there already. We got dressed and headed to the Pukka up boat party which was a blast. Had a night in, because we were all hanging.

Saturday -  we got up fresh and got ready for the Zoo project. We headed into San Antonio to get our make-up done at the amazing Kiss My Fairy. Mine was done by the lovely (and hot) Charlie from souf landaaaannn! The zoo project itself was strange and random but super crazy and fun at the same time. I wasn't happy that they made me put my camera in a locker though. (and charged me 3 frikking euros to add injury to insult)

But anyway it was a fun and a different night, which is worth experiencing.

Sunday this was our last day *sobs* we just chilled out at the hotel and packed. I think we were all depressed. But we couldn't have stayed any longer, we managed to spend nearly £1000 in the week and had run out of money.

Highlights: Swedish house mafia opening party at Ushuaia, which was just CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY!
Lows:  how expensive everything was, and the fact that literally everyone out there is on drugs.
Would I go again: hell yeah but probably only for four nights maximum as it is just SO expensive and SO draining on the body (and soul)

love and smooches...

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