Monday, 19 November 2012

Your Life Begins At The End of Your Comfort Zone

I had the pleasure of meeting Toby Foxcroft from MOTIVATE at work the other day.  He gave us his motivational talk which worked around the idea of us moving from our "Comfort Zone" and into the "Learning Zone".

As human beings we like to stay in our comfort zone because we feel comfortable and safe there. We get into our little habits (Work, home, eat, sleep) However, we cannot grow or reach happiness here. By staying in our comfort zone we are stationery and non-progressive when really should be continuously moving upwards, achieving and growing as individuals.

Toby explained to us that in order to move into the Learning Zone we need to take risks and we need to challenge ourselves. Although it sounds blindingly obvious, I can definitely relate to how easy it is to find yourself retreating into your comfort zone from time to time. We all do it.

So anyway, in order to get back into the learning zone, we have to get out there, forget about feeling awkward, nervous, shy or out of place. We have to tell ourselves "What the hell is the worst that can happen?" If the answer is not death- GO FOR IT!

What on earth are we waiting for?!

Things I am going to do to ease myself out of my comfort zone:

  • Next time I'll accept that invitation to go somewhere I wouldn't usually go
  •  I will take up the opportunity to do something at work I don't feel that confident doing.
  • Go abroad alone for a few days; time for self-reflection and self- awareness
  • Call some old friends I have lost contact with and make time to catch up with them
  • Get back to writing my book and try to finish it once and for all

tanya hearts


  1. Here, here Ms Blackstar. Go for it! I think I'll try coming out of my comfort zone too.

    Next time I'm out, instead of cocktails, I will try beer.

  2. Ha, good luck with the beer I hope it all goes well... (I, for one could not replace cocktails with beer so I salute you)