Thursday, 3 January 2013

Highlights of 2012


Taking part in Race For Life was probably one of the best things I've ever done. Definitely going to continue to do so every year.

Spending the summer in London at nice little gastropubs and bars 

Taking my Godmother to see Lion King in theatre

Champagne picnics

Taking  Mum to see James Morrison at the Hampton Court Palace Festival

Building on my friendship with my Sim, love her to pieces... she's definitely a part of my heart now.

Throwing the best BBQ of 2012. 

The Jay-Z & Kanye West WTT Concert...AMAZING!!!!

Nas concert with my uni friends

Buying myself a new car

My new marketing role

I'd love to know what your highlights of 2012 were. Share, leave them in the comment box or leave the link to your blog post and I'll have a sneaky peak.



  1. Hi, what a beautiful blog you have, and I admire your positivity too :) LOVE Ibiza!!!

  2. Hi Tanya, aww thank you so much for visiting me back and for following, so kind of you :) I can't see any options for following your blog....please let me know if I've missed the sign somehow? x

    1. Hey Maddie, omg I can't believe I didn't have an option for people to follow- all fixed now hopefully!! Thank you for your comments and for visiting :-) Look forward to more of your blog posts. Xx

    2. Hi hun, ah that's better...following now :) xo

  3. Tanya, quick question, did that girl Sim used to go Christ The King College?

    I'll be back to view more posts, like the stuff you post up!