Thursday, 7 February 2013

20 Random Things About Me

  1. I'm half Irish and half Ghanaian
  2. My soul is half hippie/half rasta
  3. I only wear nude, gold, brown, black, white. You will never see in colours like purple or green.
  4. I love cheese. Especially with wine
  5. I have way too many ditzy moments resulting in me being called all kinds of horrendous names such as ‘Hilary Banks’ 
  6. Despite being so 'ditzy' I actually got AAB in my a-levels and a 2:1 in my degree
  7. I have a secret blog I have been writing in since I was 13
  8. I thought I was a cat person until I got one and realised they're overrated. Well my one anyway. He doesn't cuddle with me or let me stroke him when I want to. Need a refund tbh
  9. I'm a drama queen
  10. I will openly talk about sex wherever and whenever
  11. I'm pretty sure I was related to Bob Marley in a past life
  12. I worry about everything
  13. Every now and then I nearly delete this blog
  14. I am NOT a morning person, do not even attempt to make small talk with me
  15. I can't save money for shit
  16. Pink champagne makes me happy
  17. I turn nearly everything into a song, no matter what the situation is, I will find a song to fit and break out in melody
  18. One day I'm a city chick, the next I want to move to the countryside and live in a cottage and grow my own food. Personality disorder? 
  19. I have trouble with respecting authority
  20. I'm a homely kind of girl, my perfect night is curled up with a glass of wine watching movies

If you've written your own list of random things please share the link or leave some random facts about yourself in my comment box :-)


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