Thursday, 28 March 2013

Current Obsession: Lilly Ghalichi

Okay so I'm browsing the internet as you do, and I stumbled across Lilly Ghalichi's blog. Now... I had NO idea who she was but I was instantly drawn to the dresses that she's rocking in her blog...Omg they are amazing, and THE NECKLACES *drools* Seriously, I need to sit down and talk to this woman about where she finds these gems. Then as I read on further I discovered she also has a degree in law and so obviously my soft spot for her grew even more.

Me being me, I just had to share my new girl crush with you all. I'm just in love with her outfits (and her body) oh and her makeup *screams*

This is another beauty and its from the designer  Gaurav Gupta

I love this classic black dress shes wearing here by Christos Costarellos

OMG this dress is like perfection to  me.... this beautiful piece of art is from Michael Costello

People look at the necklace *jaw drops*

Ok I've finished being a stalker now.

That was fun.



  1. hey dear)
    nice blog)loves it)
    would you like to follow each other?)

    xoxo Christy