Monday, 1 April 2013

Ten Things That Made Me Happy This Week

  1. Getting back into the gym
  2. My talk with him 
  3. Getting paid (being broke hurts)
  4. Finally fixing my laptop and being able to blog again
  5. Going to Chipotle for lunch, I think I'm obsessed with the place (Mexican food for di world!)
  6. Pampering myself- hair, nails, eyebrows, waxing...yep I'm feeling all brand new
  7. Finally, finnaaallllyyyyyyy seeing him and getting the cuddles I've been missing
  8. Getting a seat on the tube nearly everyday on my way to work
  9. Spending Easter with the family
  10. Treating myself to some new books


  1. Your week sounds wonderful....very jealous of you getting seats on the train! x

  2. i agree! your week does sound wonderful..chipotle is so addicting!