Friday, 14 March 2014

My Bucket-List Updated...

I've always wanted to write a bucketlist because I always have all these ideas of things I'd love to do so it sounds like a good idea to get them all done and mark them all off as I go along. Makes things more exciting too!
  1. Have a career that I love (Well I'm now working in my dream firm, just need to work my way up to the career I want. So I guess I'm halfway there)
  2. Go the Harry Potter Wizarding castle
  3. Buy my own property (epic fail so far) 
  4. Ride a camel (Egypt, 2008)
  5. Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  6. Caribbean Cruise 
  7. Climb a mountain (Dominican Republic, 2009)
  8. Shop until I drop in New York 
  9. Indulge in luxury living in Dubai
  10. Go to an opera/ballet (2014, The Nutcracker)
  11. Visit Hawaii 
  12. Watch a Shakespheare play (Twelfth Night in Regents Park Open Air Theatre)
  13. Get high in Amsterdam (2009)
  14. Go island-hopping in Thailand
  15. Go to Paris!
  16. Stay in Bora Bora 
  17. Visit Hong Kong
  18. Visit Prague (2009)
  19. Go snorkelling in the Red Sea Coral (Egypt-2008)
  20. Party on a yacht (Jamaica 2013 + Ibiza 2012)
  21. Sleep under the stars at this beautiful resort in Finland (

    Hotel Kakslauttanen,)

  22. Dance at a carnival in Brazil
  23. Go to a world cup football match
  24. Write a book 
  25. Go camping with friends
  26. Stay in a cottage for a few nights (2013 - Kent)
  27. Live/work/travel in another country 
  28. Relax in the Maldives
  29. Eat lobster (Jamaica 2013)
  30. Go to an outdoor cinema
  31. Stay in a lodge with a private outdoor hot-tub
  32.  Ride an elephant

Do any of you have a bucketlist? If so, share below in the comments. I'm always adding to my list so would love some inspiration from you guys.


  1. Amazing post! I have a mental bucket list but I should really take the time to formally write it out. You're so lucky you're already half way to your dream job. That is my biggest goal right now, and I feel like I'm so far away. Anyway, I'm a new follower on bloglovin!

    1. Hey! Yessss, write it out I wanna see it! And if it makes you feel better I've changed my mind about what I want to do, so back to zero again lol, smh. I'm following you on bloglovin too :-) xx