Sunday, 6 July 2014

Highlights of my life so far...

I decided to write this post after meeting up with one of my best friends. We had such a nice recalling some of our best memories and it made me realise just how many amazing things I've experienced so far. I don't ever want to forget them and so this is almost my 'safe-keep' of all my favourite memories.

Egypt 2008 with my family. I absolutely adored Sharm-el Sheikh and the people were so lovely. This was the first holiday we had with Rhys and he had all the attention of the hotel staff and the locals which was nice.

My graduation 2010. Probably one of my proudest moments to date! Still haven't quite lived down my brother and dad shouting out "brap brap brap" as I walked across the stage to collect my certificate. lol.

My 21st bday - my parents spoilt me and we  hired out a restaurant for our friends and family, had a lovely 3 course meal and then partied until the early hours of the morning

My 22nd bday  @ Kensington Roof Gardens.
I don't remember a lot. I guess that says it all really...

Old trafford 2011
Watching my team play from the VIP box was the most amazing experiences of my life to date.

Ibiza 2012. 
What happens in Ibiza...stays in Ibiza.

My old workplace Xmas party at Wembley Hilton 2012 - well any night that involves unlimited free champagne is an amazing night for me.

Jamaica 2013

Watch the throne tour - Jay-Z & Kanye 2012

Rhys bday BBQ Sep 2012

Notting Hill Carnival 2012

Race for Life 2013

A fabulous dinner with Pamela @ The Sanderson Hotel - 2013

Lovebox 2014

My 21st (lol) birthday this year

What are the highlights of your life to date? Please leave a comment...! xoxo


  1. I love the fact that you take so many pictures; it makes me want to start taking pictures to document my life! I would love a post on your favourite books!

    1. I will definitely do a post on my favourite books very soon! Xoxo

  2. I was wondering if you would like to check my blog out sometime.