Thursday, 11 June 2015

Vegas, Part One!

Vegas baby!

The Sin City is somewhere I knew I'd want to visit in my lifetime and I couldn't be more excited to be here! (Shameless selfie time in the taxi!)

We had booked to stay at the Aria Resort and the lobby was absolutely phenomenal as we walked in, no amount of pictures or videos would never do it justice.

We stopped off for a cocktail in the casino before heading up to our hotel room. It was much needed after a 10 hour something flight.

We showered, got dressed and then hit the strip for some dinner. We were in awe!

I ended up buying shoes! First night and I was already spending smh, that's Vegas for you.

We had a scrumptious meal at a restaurant in Planet Hollywood's Strip House Restaurant which felt oddly like a strip club? The decor was all quite dark and velvety, it almost had a dingy feel to it. I thought someone would grope my arse on the way out! The food was nice though.

Before we had even finished our meal we were completely shattered and ready for our lucious new beds at our hotel. Early night for us it was!

Day 2

We woke up early and went down to the pool for a spot of sunbathing. All I can say is WOW. The hotel grounds, and the pool area was stunning. Looking at this pic I can't believe how pale we are, because right now we are daaarrrrrkkkkkk!!!

We somehow ended up at the Wyclef Jean pool party at the Liquid Pool in our hotel. He performed live and the crowd had so much fun. I didn't manage to get any pictures at this point (too much alcohol and also the fear of dropping my phone in the pool)

After all the sun & alcohol we had dinner and then got ready to go to Drais Nightclub for the Weeknd party (he would performing there live) One thing to note about Vegas during Memorial Weekend is that everyone is there. The queue outside our hotel to get a taxi was about half an hour long. Absolutely crazy!

This is the night that took me over the edge... I thought I was going to die by the next day but it was also the night that I met "him"... 

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