Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Xcaret Eco Theme Park, Cancun, Mexico

Before we arrived in Mexico, we both knew that we wanted to visit Xcaret. The pictures we'd seen were breathtaking so on our first day in Cancun we booked our day trip. 

We set off first thing in the morning. How cool is the bus that took us there?!

We were both pretty excited about our selfie sticks. Can you tell? Lol

Xcaret had everything ranging from natural eco pools, to beaches, to restaurants and bars. There was a bloody Aquarium in there too!


The natural pool looked so amazing we HAD to take a dip.

Strike a pose

This is probably my favourite picture and summed us up. Selfie whores.

A little message for my little bro :-)

This was a really pretty cemetery we came across at the park. It was so colourful and bright - a nice contrast to the very grey cemetery's in the UK.

After we'd finished exploring we had a spot to eat and some frozen strawberry daquiri's before heading off to the outdoor theatre to watch "Xcaret Mexico Espectacular" which took us on a wonderful journey of the History of Mexico with songs, dancing, acting, fire... it was phenomenal. My iPhone had died by this point so I don't have any pics...sorry!

I would definitely recommend this day trip to anyone visiting Cancun.

One more Cancun post to come!

P.S. M has been calling me everyday since he left Vegas *swoons*


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