Monday, 24 August 2015

Love in London

My love came to spend his birthday with me in London.

Excited was not even the word when he text me to say he had landed. I was already at Heathrow Airport arrivals, nervous and doing breathing exercises.

When I finally saw him walk through with his suitcase, my heart skipped a beat (cheesy I know)

We set off straight away to our lovely boutique hotel and had some welcome celebratory drinks on their lovely balcony terrace. How cute was the telephone in our room?

In true American fashion, Michael went and bought another glass of wine for me at £6, gave the waiter a £10 note and told him to keep the change -__- It's safe to say after the telling off I gave him, he didn't tip anyone such an amount for the rest of our trip.

Of COURSE I had to take him to Nando's the next day for lunch! He loved it and I was thrilled. 

We had an English breakfast but all he'd eat is eggs and bacon, smh. Baked beans seems to be a foreign concept for Americans.

Our room didn't have a mini fridge so this was a common occurrence in our sink most nights, Michael would go and buy me wine and then fill up the sink with ice to keep it chilled lol. We had the most perfect nights in with wine, snacks and movies.  

On the first and third night we went to visit my parents and brothers. We sat outside in the garden both times and had a lovely dinner. It was so perfect.

Michael's birthday, I took him to Sushisamba at the Heron Tower. The views were amazing 

This desert was EVERYTHING

So we tried to go sight seeing and made it as far as the Natural history Museum. It was raining so bad I was relieved when my baby suggested we grab a bottle of wine and head back to the hotel to snuggle and watch movies.

It took me a while to finally write this post but work has been so hectic. I'm missing Michael so much but I'll be in Dallas in October so I'm hoping and  praying the time just goes by quickly.

LDR's are hard but so worth it <3

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