Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My first time in Texas...!

So after aaaallll the waiting, the countdowns, the frustration of missing Michael, the time FINALLY came for me to get on the plane and go and see my boo. Not only was I excited to see my love but I would also finally get to meet his wonderful family, including his gorgeous son who I'd only had the chance to see on skype so far. I was excited, anxious, nervous...I even started arguments with him a few days before my trip because I was so on edge!!! It sounds ridiculous I know but once it got to the day before I was due to fly out and I realised nothing could go wrong... I was smiles all day.

When I got there Michael had booked us into a lovely hotel that had a kitchen and living room...and wait for it...he cooked dinner for me and had bought me my favourite wine and all the snacks I love! This was the most perfect first night I could have asked for and proved just how well he knows me.

I had such a wonderful time. The people are so so so friendly, something I'm not used to living in London (where people think you're crazy if you even smile at them let alone say hello). We would go out and people would ask how we are and what we're up to.

I've not been back a week but I'm already missing Michael and his family like crazy. We have 6 weeks until I go back. Let the countdown begin.

Below are a few snaps I managed to take.

Cocktails for $3? Oh, I'll be back...!

I ordered pancakes for room service and they were as big as the plate! I couldn't believe it. Delicious though...

A view of the city from our hotel. Far from country ay?

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