Wednesday, 6 April 2016

I'm ALMOST married...and we're PREGNANT!!!

Guysss!!! This blog post is well overdue, so apologies on that front. If you follow me on my twitter or instagram you'll most likely already know that on 19 March Michael and I had our traditional Ghanaian engagement. I also revealed that I'm 5 months pregnant (now six!)

The day was beautiful and I felt so blessed to have a man who felt that the Ghanaian traditional way of doing things was just as important as I did - despite not being of a Ghanaian background himself. 
I was soooooo nervous, I honestly never realised how intense and emotional the day can be. I was so anxious for everything to go well but also just couldn't wait to be reunited with my man. Michael left me in the morning and went to my parents house to get ready. They then headed off to the venue where the ceremony takes place at which time I was at the hotel with my bridesmaids getting ready (and trying not to have a panic attack!)
For the ceremony to begin, Michael had to present two bottles of Schnapps, some money for my family, an engagement bible for me, some Ghanaian fabrics and my engagement ring. The Schnapps is by far the most important gift - In the past, and to date, the drinks are used to pour liberation. Liberation is a prayer to the ancestors and God.
Elders from both families begin the marriage ceremony with a prayer and introductions. The groom, although present, does not speak in all of these proceedings. The designated spokesperson does the negotiation on his behalf.
Only once everything had been presented and accepted from my family, could I then be bride brought to the gathering. We used decoys  to ‘tease’ the groom (for entertainment purpose).  So my bridesmaids were taken in before me and Michael was asked to verify if this is indeed the bride. I was told that he demanded them to stop playing games and bring out his woman! Lol! So once I was finally taken in and he he confirmed that I was his bride, I was then asked three times by the chief if I agree to marry the groom. I said yes! 
Prayers were said and blessings were given. We were then offered advice from elders in the room and presented with the engagement bible as a symbol of how important God should be in our married life.
It was truly beautiful.

There are so many exciting things happening right now that I can't wait to share with you all.

In my next blog post I'll be talking about my experiences during the first and second trimester of my pregnancy and what there is left to look forward to!

Love, Tanya x

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