Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My first trimester - Pregnancy Hell!

My first trimester. Where do I start?

Firstly, I didn't know if I was going to make it. And if I did make it, would I ever be the same?

How did you find out you were pregnant?

My period is always regular so when I was about 4 days late I decided to take a test. When I first saw the words "pregnant" on that stick I can't describe the emotions that I felt. They ranged from despair, shock, anxiety and fear to joy, ecstacy and excitement. Michael and I had been relatively careful so I wasn't entirely expecting it - surprisingly though, as I built myself up to go and buy a test, I found myself feeling that I'd be disappointed if it said negative? We both had planned to start trying but not until after our wedding which would have been just under a year away for us.

What were your first symptoms?

Before I even found out I was pregnant, I was going to the loo about 4-5 times during the night. Michael was like to me..."Is everything alright? How long have you been like this?" to which I responded, "Only since I got to Dallas"! I was worried maybe I had a urine infection then joked that it could be that I was pregnant - to which we both laughed off :-/


Was the first trimester what you expected?

Hell no. I don't think anyone ever talks about just how hard your first trimester can be. You have those women who simply breeze through it, like one of my friends literally had no nausea or sickness and could eat whatever and whenever she wanted. THEN there's the unfortunate ones like me who SUFFER!

By about week 6 of pregnancy, my breasts were so sore I had to hold them whenever I got in and out of bed or walking down the stairs because they were that tender. I had to pee about 4 to 5 times every single damn night. But that was NOTHING compared to what else was in store for me. The nausea that hit me at 9 weeks. My gosh. I woke up each morning feeling like I was on a boat out at sea during a thunder-storm. I was so so sick. I'd open the fridge and the smell of food was so bad I'd run to the toilet and throw up. Then I'd go to brush my teeth and at the point of brushing my tongue .... I'd vomit...AGAIN! By this point, I'd feel weak, belly growling, my eyes bloodshot from throwing up but I still had to pick myself up and go to work and try to act normal because obviously I didn't want anyone to know that I was pregnant.

Me at 3 months for my Christmas work do. No bump yet.

"MORNING" sickness is a LIE.

The sickness lasted ALL day. I couldn't understand why this was happening. I has assumed that you feel a little sick in the morning, possibly vomit and then you're fine? No no no no. I'd be at my desk and then around noon I'd get so hungry but the smell and taste of food made me gag so I was unable to eat which of course in turn just made me feel more sick. The only things I was able to stomach and keep down were plain toast with butter, plain rice and clear coloured drinks (so I resorted to drinking a lot of Sprite to give me sugar and energy) Basically anything with a taste or smell I couldn't eat.

I eventually ended up on Ensure drinks which are a protein shake designed for really sick people i.e. cancer patients. Michael was so worried about me during my visit in December that he went out and bought me a whole box and they literally SAVED ME!!!! When I couldn't eat I would just drink them through a straw and luckily through that I was able to muster some energy to function like a normal human being.

How did you feel during the first trimester?

I felt miserable constantly and then guilty at myself for not being excited about being pregnant. I kept thinking to myself, "what if this lasts for the whole 9 months - how will I survive?". I had no energy to do anything except for drag myself to work and throw myself into bed when I got home. Michael would call or try to skype me and I just wouldn't be in the mood despite missing him :-( All I can say is thank God that by week 14 my nausea subsided and I was able to eat normally again. (well most things - I still can't eat anything spicy and don't really enjoy meat right now either)

Travelling whilst pregnant?

I was 11 weeks when I flew to Dallas and I was dreading it. I got to the airport and managed to get some fruit down me. I plodded off to buy my DVT socks - ain't nobody trying to get blood clots and the risk is higher when you're pregnant. I took one of my anti-sickness pills that my GP had prescribed me to prevent needing to throw up whilst on the plane and also stocked up on lots of snacks for the flight such as crackers, lots of water and some fruits as I knew I'd probably struggle to eat the food on the plane. And I was right. I couldn't stomach the food, but the snacks kept me going. It was depressing not being able to drink the wine because I usually have 1 or 2 glasses on long haul flights to relax me while I watch a film and also knock me out. All in all though, I was relieved to get off the plane, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I'll be posting second & third trimester updates towards the end of my pregnancy. Stay tuned!

Mwah xoxo

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