Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Third trimester Update.

Weeks 28-40

Me at 34 weeks

Today I'm 39 weeks pregnant and patiently waiting to meet our baby.
The 2nd trimester flew by. How I wish I could have spent some more time there in that cocoon of 2nd trimester happiness.

Well, I continued to feel great up until about 34 weeks I'd say. I flew out to Dallas at 32 weeks & my flight was absolutely fine, infact none of the cabin crew or airline staff even noticed I was pregnant and the fit to fly note I had obtained from my GP remained in my handbag untouched. I had still opted for the bulkhead seats and was grateful for the extra legroom so I could rub my belly and have my legs slightly elevated straight out in front of me.

Before I hit 34 weeks I was still pretty mobile and able to eat bits and bobs here and there (no spice still) but things were good. At around 34/35 weeks my belly was getting bigger and I couldn't eat a lot without throwing it up straight away :-( At 36 weeks, on father's day we bbq'd some burgers and chicken - the burger was so damn good & I had about 5 bites. Michael was like "wow I've never seen you eat this much since you've been pregnant" and literally about 30 seconds later I threw it all up. No joke.

Some days are worse than others. Yesterday I was in so much pain with back ache, indigestion, a throbbing pain in my right side & a general lack of energy but today I felt a lot better despite the throwing up incident.

Michael & I went to a childbirth class a few weeks ago which was definitely an eye opener and I would definitely recommend to new parents who want to feel fully prepared going in. There is a LOT to take in and we were overwhelmed with all the information. I'm still in two minds about going medication free or getting the epidural. I think I'll decide once I get to the hospital.

What are your main symptoms currently?

The worst heartburn I've ever experienced in my life.  I don't even think it's heartburn anymore I think it's progressed to GERD which is an acid reflux disease. I literally wake up hiccuping and coughing acid on the verge of vomiting. I've been drinking sprite relentlessly as it seems to help but I'm scared my teeth are going to fall out soon. Fml. I feel constantly sick and anything I eat that actually has a taste to it makes me nauseous.

Constant backache - I've gotten used to this but sometimes my bubbas foot is stuck in my rib and that kills sooooooo bad.

A full bladder- I have to go to the toilet every hour and that includes while I'm sleeping, so I'm literally up every hour with a painfully full bladder

Lack of energy - Most of this is due to not being able to eat much. I tried a fruit diet at one point but I found most fruits to be too acidic and made my heartburn worse so I gave up.

Constipation- This is just a given I guess *sigh*

Total weight gain- about 22 lbs.

That's pretty much it really.

I am seriously jealous of anyone who is able to stuff their face during  pregnancy I miss eating so bad! My two main joys were eating with a glass of wine so not being able to do either for nearly a year has been so difficult! Hopefully our baby will be here soon!!! I can't wait to see his little face.

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