Tuesday, 30 August 2016

My Childbirth Story

Hi guys

I know it's been a while, and I've been trying to write this for ages but motherhood really is a 24 hour job. I'm currently writing this whilst Thomas is asleep next to me in his co sleeper crib (Currently milk drunk lol)

So yeah we named our baby boy Thomas. I'm so in love with him. He's 5 weeks old now but it feels like he's been here forever because I honestly can't remember life before him. Meeting him and having him here with us has been the greatest blessing I've ever received in my life and the feeling is so overwhelming I can't even explain it.

So anyway let me break down how Thomas came into the world. I want to write it all down so I can look back at this in years to come and probably (definitely) have a little cry.

Birthday : 20th July 2016, 5.10pm
Weight: 7 lbs 14
Length: 20 inches

I went into labour on the 19th of July. It was about 2am and I felt strong period like cramps that kept coming and going so I decided to get into the shower to see if they would die down. No luck. I knew from others that labour can go on forever or sometimes it's just false labour so I decided to get back into bed to try and ride it out. The pains started to get more severe so I decided to and start timing them. At this point they were quite irregular at about 10 mins and then like 8 mins or 13 mins apart. Michael woke up and went to work so I told him I'd call if I felt like they were getting closer and needed him to come home. I paced around the house, finished packing my hospital bags, called my mum and then around 11am the contractions were still irregular at about 8 mins then 11 then 7 minutes apart but were painful and I needed Michael's support so I told him to come home. He was amazing and walked around the house with me for hours and helped me with my breathing and stuff until they got to about 7 minutes apart at around 3pm and I was like GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL lol. The pain had me doubled over in pain and I started to panic. 

It was so distressing when I got there because I was only 3cm dilated like fml I thought I'd be at least 5. So on it went. They had taken us to our room which was lovely and had a bath tub so I got in the shower which helped so much with the contractions but they got stronger and stronger. By midnight I was still only 3cm. Bruh. I couldn't believe it. At this point I accepted the epidural because I just didn't know how much longer it would continue like this with the level of pain but no progress. Okay so the epidural.... best. Thing. Ever. Everything became fuzzy and warm and I felt so happy and light. I was able to call my mum at this point and have a good chat. I felt great and slept until 6am the next day. When guess what. Still 3cm. So they had to break my waters & said they would check on me about 5 hours later. It was weird not being able to feel my legs but I was grateful because those contractions were no joke and also I didn't like feeling their hands inside my vagina checking my cervix every so often. It felt kind of painful.

5 hours later. Only 5cm. They then gave me pitocin to speed things up because I wasn't progressing at the rate I should have been and baby was in distress. (He had pooed inside me poor thing) Checked on me a few hours later. Nothing. By this point I had a fever and baby's heart rate was increasing.
My doctor apologised and told me that he was too big to fit in my birth canal. I was going to have to have a c-section. My absolute worst nightmare had come true. Michael had to give me the pep talk and told me the main thing was that our beautiful child would be arriving into the world safely...and so down we went to the operating theatre... me numbed out from the waist below and Michael in his blue scrubs. He stroked my hair and talked to me throughout the whole thing which really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Within 15 minutes Thomas was out and hearing his first cry was the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard. Joy and relief flooded over me and I demanded to hold my son straight away lol. I couldn't stop laughing and crying hysterically like a mad woman. They said "look at his head. This is why he couldn't fit down your birth canal!"  His head was shaped like a cone from him trying to push his way down to my canal. My poor bubba. He was beautiful already with a mad head of hair, which explained the heartburn. While I held my baby and Michael took pics, the doctors sewed me back up which I think took about 20 mins but I don't really remember because I was so distracted by Thomas. The procedure really wasn't traumatic at all, in fact I kind of enjoyed it, they blew warm air on me the whole time to keep me relaxed and I was able to play my own music and talk to Michael the whole time. 

I stayed in the hospital for 3 nights while I recovered. It was a struggle to sit up in bed to pick Thomas up. It hurt to laugh. It hurt to cough. It hurt to wee. Oh and the gas. My goodness. I would be on all fours praying to fart lol. And the after birth contractions! Don't even get me started. 
I don't even remember much of my recovery now because even though I was in pain I was ridiculously high off the love and awe of our sons life. We spent so much time just staring at him and wondering how did we become so lucky and blessed? If I could go back I honestly wouldn't change a thing. I have my healthy perfect son here next to me snoring away. I feel truly blessed. 
I definitely have to commend the nurses at Texas Health presbyterian hospital because they looked after me around the clock. No request was too big and Michael and I honestly felt like we were on a mini vacation. One night they brought us steak and lobster for dinner and we felt like we were on a mini date. Every morning I was able to ring up and order breakfast it was just great. 

Adjusting to motherhood has been the most natural thing in the world and loving Thomas is so easy. It's just so scary looking at his precious fragile being knowing that he depends on us fully - its such a huge responsibility and I just want to protect him from any harm. I'll write another update soon on the journey into motherhood but for now I'm going back to watching my baby sleep. He's so perfect

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