Sunday, 4 June 2017

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

Oh how I do love The Ritz. (Who doesn't?!)  The last time I visited was with my family -  we had the most exquisite dinner in their main restaurant and I was truly, truly taken away by the whole experience. Everything was so elegant and classy, but yet so comfortable. We didn't feel out of place at all, which can happen so often at some of these fine dining restaurants (especially considering we are a loud bunch)

So anyway, considering we had such a wonderful time,  I decided to use  Mother's Day as an excuse to go back again, but this time for Afternoon tea at the Palm Court. Mother dearest was thrilled to say the least.

Top: Target
Trousers: H&M
Clutch: Cult Gaia

We arrived a little early so we could have a drink at the bar and take in the whole experience again. I went for the rum based cocktail and my Mum went for the special but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called. Both were absolutely divine.

 The palm court is so beautiful, the ambiance alone just makes you feel like royalty. I honestly didn't want to leave. It's soooooooooooo pretty! Ah!

I would go back in a heartbeat but I'd need to save my pennies first. It definitely was not a cheap day out let's put it that way.

Until next time my loves. xoxox

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