Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Book Review - The Rules of Dating

Okay, so I read this book called “The complete book of Rules” written by Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider. This book was written in a bid to help women ‘capture their Mr Right’ and to get that ‘ring on their finger’. If I were to sum up the rules in short, I’d say that the book is telling women, to BE the woman, sit back, and let the man do the chasing, let him be the MAN. If you as a woman pursue a man your relationship is doomed and he will never want to marry you.

The layout of this book is quite simple and easy to get around. The contents page simply lists the rules by their numbers. I’m going to quickly talk about the rules that stood out to me the most.

Rule 1 - Be a creature like no other

As a woman you must be mysterious, light up the room and exude self-confidence. It’s not about being physically beautiful, its about believing in love, believing in the perfect man, and most importantly believeing in YOURSELF. The “Rules woman” NEVER chases a man. EVER.

Rule 2- Don’t talk to a man first

They say that by talking to a man first you are interfering with what was supposed to happen. We must not do anything to interrupt nature- namely that man pursues woman.

Rule 4- Never go dutch on a date

A Rules Woman never offers to pay half on a date. A man should be chilvarous and in return a Rules Woman shows her appreciation by saying please & thank you …and later on in the dating stage she can reciprocate by cooking him dinner or buying him something small.

Rule 5&6- Don’t call him & always end the conversation first

To call a man is to pursue him & this is against the rules. A man should be the agressor and if he is interested in pursuing you he will call! And never spend too long on the phone- always make an excuse and end the call. A Rules Woman should always be happy & busy.

Rule 16- Stop dating him if he doesn’t buy you a romantic gift for Valentines or your birthday

A man should buy you something romantic like flowers, jewellery. Its not about the price of the gift, its about the TYPE. it must be one that comes from the heart. Even if it is just a poem. But if he buys you something practical like a book/toaster/bag he is not in love with you

Rule 21 & 22- Don’t tell him what to do & Let him take the lead

If he wants to go away with his friends for the weekend rather than be with you, and you don’t like it, you either let him or you break up with him. But you never ever tell him what to do. Accept your situation as it is, or start dating someone else. Simple.

So ladies & gentlemen, I wanted to know your views on this book. I mean, I do agree with a lot of it but things aren't always so black and white.

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