Thursday, 7 September 2017

Fort Worth Water Gardens

Last month we visited the Fort Worth Water Gardens located in downtown Fort Worth. We were recommended this as a place to visit by a guy M came across at a store (random I know) But anyway it was a hot August day and we were told you could swim there etc.

Well. After what felt like an hour of trying to find somewhere to park. (Downtown Fort worth is such a nightmare) We walked over to the gardens only to discover that you actually cannot get into any of the water pools. Slightly disappointed we decided to make the most of our trip anyway.

The pools are absolutely breathtaking. The shot below is of the main pool The Active Pool. I really didn't want to walk down to the bottom because my fear of heights is REAL and there are absolutely NO hand rails or any type of safety measures in place. You can't tell from the pictures just how steep it is but the steps are extremely steep.

As much as we were taken away by the beauty of this place, we didn't last longer than about 30 minutes. The texas heat in Summer is merciless and unforgiving. Within 30 minutes we were sweating, sticky, hot and thirsty. We decided to head to Sundance Square and sat there for lunch.

Would we go back? Not unless it was a cooler day perhaps in Fall but never ever ever ever ever again in the Summer heat. NOOOOOO thank you!!

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